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Over the past few years I have been involved in several Doctor Who ebooks, which are available to download and enjoy for free.

Up Close (2022) by Alex Storer takes a nostalgic look back over the past twenty years (and a little bit more) of Doctor Who conventions, exhibitions and events as well as various aspects of fandom. From Alex’s first convention experience in the year 2000 to an indulgent visit to Neil Cole’s Museum of Classic Sci-Fi in late 2021, Up Closeis illustrated with over 200 photos from the author’s personal collection. Up Close also contains artwork and interviews with composer Dominic Glynn and Steve Cambden, who allowed the use of some of his own photographs, taken on set during the filming of seasons 17 and 18.

Who, Where & When (revised edition, 2021) by Alex Storer was originally published in 2011. This revised edition corrects a few errors and brings Alex’s brief but personal memoir up to date. Many of the topics covered here have now been written about in more depth in Up Close.

Download here

Blackpool Remembered (2020) by John Collier is a whopping 400 page+ book documenting every inch of the original Blackpool Exhibition which ran from 1974 to 1985. Contributors include: Steve Cambden, Alex Storer, Julie Jones, Bob Richardson, Katy Manning, Mike Tucker, Neil Cole, Kevin Jon Davies, Steve Cole, John Field, Stuart Glazebrook and Richard Leaver.

Blackpool Revisited (2021) by John Collier charts the history of Doctor Who exhibitions in Blackpool – the original exhibition and David Boyle’s Doctor Who Museum, which ran from 2004 to 2009. With content from over 90 contributors, we take a detailed journey through the Doctor Who Museum, alongside a look at the life of its curator (and Dapol founder), the late David Boyle. We also look at the Blackpool Illuminations, Edwin Hall Dalek rides, Sevans Models, Dapol toys, the Whomobile, interviews with artists Andrew Skilleter, Rod Vass and Graham Potts plus much more!

Longing for Longleat transports you back to 1983 and the twentieth anniversary of Doctor Who, where fans gathered en-masse at Longleat House in Wiltshire for what became known as the most infamous event in the show’s history.

BBC Exhibition organisers Lorne Martin and Julie Jones reflect on the mammoth task of putting on an event that exceeded everybody’s expectations, while fans share their personal recollections and photographs of that momentous day, transforming 40-year-old memories into stories and images of vivid detail.

Download here